Notes on Automatic Rainbows and fuse-colors

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I developed fuse-colors, a tool for wrapping most commands with arbitrary bash. These are notes from the dev experience.

Automatic Rainbows in your Terminal with fuse-colors

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I used FUSE and perl to make fuse-colors, a script that allows you to automatically wrap commands in arbitrary bash

Seeing Patterns with strace: Wall of “close” System Calls

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Strace lets you see patterns in system calls made by processes. This post covers the wall of “close” system calls often seen by daemonized processes.

Using rsync, files-from, and FIFOs to Transfer a Dynamically Generated List of Files

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Use rsync’s –files-from and –rsync-path option to create a dynamic list of files to sync from the remote.

Forcing Rsync to Create a Remote Path Using –rsync-path

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rsync has a –rsync-path parameter that allows you to cheat and specify commands to run before executing rsync.

PostgreSQL, SSH tunnels, and

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PostgreSQL, SSH tunnels, and