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Interning at Proclaiming His Word Fellowship

This summer, I interned at Proclaiming His Word Fellowship in Pleasantville, NJ. My primary areas of responsibility were with technology and administrative tasks, as well as running out to buy supplies and food. I helped out with their two major summer events:

  1. A weeklong Vacation Bible School
  2. The annual “Book Bag Bash Giveaway

I helped with Vacation Bible School during the day as well as at night. During the day, I was responsible for the materials and rooms. I also helped with miscallaneous administrative tasks. At night, I aided teaching in the middle-school classroom, and also configured a majority of the technical aspects. I was also set up the MediaShout presentations for the night (an church-focused alternative to PowerPoint).

I hepled prepare the Book Bag Bash Giveaway by doing the following:

  • preloading backpacks with supplies based on grade
  • distrubuted flyers and postcards to schools
  • prepared the stage and other neccesary materials for the event
  • aided during the event by setting up tables, giving candy out to children, and directing them to the proper areas.

During the normal week at Proclaiming His Word Fellowship, I was responsible for:

  • maintaining the church website and uploading recorded sermons
  • preparing MediaShout presentations for Sunday
  • getting needed supplies for various events at the church
  • upgrading and maintaining the computers at the church, including hardware & software upgrades and running 200′ of Cat5e cable.
  • researching new technology for the church

Part of my time interning was spent researching the materials and labor required to install new displays throughout the church. So far this has resulted in movement towards replacing the bulletin board inside the entry of the building, and the installation of two displays used to carry song lyrics and sermon notes to the back of the church.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had and firmly believe it enabled me to do good things while reinforcing my ability to prioritze tasks based on need. I strengthened my communication skills with people from all age groups. Finally, I was able to learn about an organization’s existing infrastructure, and how I could use my own technical skills to benefit them.

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