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Linkdump Instead of Content

I’m neurotic and intended to capitalize on it in this post. I wanted to post my results comparing the burning times of candles between two holders, but I lost the paper where I tracked the times. Instead, I have some links I mostly scraped from Inc. and Entrepreneur that I thought looked neat.

  • SugarCRM. Open source customer relations management software. They have commercial versions too, but the open source version looks pretty feature-packed based on the demo. I don’t have any customers to try it on, but it might be a good candidate for an over-powered JerseyMic contact list. It’ll be cool to mess with once I pump some life back into the site.
  • Ponoko. “The World’s Easiest Making System.” You can create and upload plans, and they’ll laser-cut/fabricate your design and ship it to you. There was a pretty great run down in Wired (which is where I wrote the link down from) about the founding of Ponoko. This is one of those things you’d have to sink some time into. Example designs from other people range from a spinning top to a side table.
  • Hadoop. “The Apache Hadoop project develops open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing.” I’ve seen this a lot more since I originally wrote the link down, but until now I’ve had no idea how I’d be able to mess with it. This tutorial and Cloudera’s tutorial provide at least something to chew on.
  • SAP Powerpoint Twitter Tool. It’s a free tool that can automatically tweet something during your PowerPoint slides (among other things). It’s interesting, and 100% going to be used in my next presentation for Grassroots Journalism.

It’s a relatively small linkdump, but mostly because I chopped a lot of links off of my list. Office Nomads/Co-working, the Kensington Comfort Type Slim keyboard, and Outskirts Press ended up less interesting than hoped (Office Nomads is more a Washington state thing, the keyboard apparently doesn’t sit well with people in the terminal, and the OP site is annoying.)

Back to burning candles!

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  1. sugar is always overkill, and I think is sort of built on a shaky premise. It might fall into the category of too easy to get started with, and too hard to actually use.

    did I tell you about hadoop? it’s cool stuff, but you need so much data to actually make it useful…