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TextPuller: Dashboard Widget for Taskwarrior Text Files

Here’s why you want this:

  • You use a Mac
  • You use Taskwarrior
  • You have “task list” dumped to a file accessable online (preferably through cron)

Background: I have a cronjob that pumps the output of “task list” to a text file every 5 minutes. The text file is under a web directory of mine, so I’m able to see my current list of tasks from any location with web-access. I wanted a dashboard widget that sucked in the text file and displayed it. I tried using “Web Clip”, but the bounding box is static — which means you’re either stuck with too big of a box, or your text gets cut off.

Features: Here’s a simple widget that lets you replace the URL with a text file of your own. It dynamically resizes the window to fit the text file. I don’t anticipate having a long task list and I don’t like scrollbars.

File: You can find the latest version of TextPuller on GitHub at:

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Update: TextPuller has been featured on

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