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Maker Faire 2010 in New York

I was lucky enough to attend the Maker Faire in New York this year, and it was amazing. You can view the Flickr set on my Flickr page, or just watch the slideshow below:

I got a lot of free stuff (mostly promotional material, officially upgraded to “stuff” since it’s interesting.) The only actual “thing” I got was a bag from I also consider the small booklets from the US Patent Office to be “things”. Here’s the list of promotional stuff I grabbed:

Lastly, I’d like to point out the “TouristBot“, a Lego robot that took pictures all day. The owners lived up to their promise by uploading all of these photos to Flickr, and amazingly, they did it right after the event! There could be a blog post on its own about how great of a marketing tactic this would be, since it’s the only thing I went out of my way to remember without being given anything. Here’s our picture!

Tourist bot Stan and laura

In the future, Lego robots will take our pictures.

I didn’t even mention the Jet swings, the life-sized Mouse Trap, or even half of the things that made Maker Faire 2010 amazing. Thanks to everyone that went and showed off what they made!

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