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Hacker School Day 5 – Friday, Too Many Ideas

It’s already day 5. I finished working on the Zulip to IRC transport mostly. I’m kind of tired of working on it right now and tired in general. I need to work on keeping a better sleep schedule.

So I’ve also been remembering other projects I’ve wanted to do. To rehash the first post I made about Hacker School, I had these ideas:

  • rewrite of fuse-colors
  • zulip to irc transport <- DONE!ish
  • Programming Pearls
  • Machine learning project
  • Ruby gem for the Glassdoor API
  • Ruby gem version of my shortenize script
  • strace blog post
  • stack-based shell idea

So it’s already a pretty expansive list and kind of overwhelming. I think I’m definitely shelving the ruby gem ideas for now. It’s too similar to perl and seems like it’s just a syntax grind. I’ve been slowly remembering other ideas I’ve had and wanted to write them down so I won’t forget again:

  • Do some more with GvMaps. It’s a visualization style for node-link graphs that my friend Doug Taggart worked on at Rowan in his thesis. I think it would be neat to generate multiple GvMaps with historical data, then tween them together to show change over time. It gives the map a third dimension and I think accentuates the fact that it’s historical data. I have some scripts laying around that tried to do this poorly and could be polished.
  • I want to work on some hacks against bash autocompletion. This idea is still swirling in my head, so I don’t have much more to say about it yet.
  • I was joking a long time ago with my friend Les Aker about terrible IPC styles and decided I would make an example where I used information in the inode to pass data.
  • One of these days I’m actually going to read the capabilities man page. Along with that, the SHILL paper looks neat.
  • I still want to write blog posts about rss2text, shortenize, and my email-youtube downloader.
  • I’d like to turn my one-liner for turning video into gifs into a full-fledged website.
  • Drawings into RRDs. This was an idea from a long time ago that I still like. I had to work with RRDs a lot in the past, so I might not do it. Take a drawing and generate data to make that picture in an RRD. It’s a weird idea.

It’ll be impossible to do even half of this list, and I think still suboptimal to attempt half. I feel an urgency to move on some of this though. I’ve had the domain since before bropages exists, and they beat me to the punch there too! Anyway, there’s the morning brain dump.

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