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Hacker School First Day, Project Ideas

Today is the first day of Hacker School. We just finished introductions and are now on our own. I’m trying to coordinate the list of ideas I have for projects:

rewrite of fuse-colors:

I want a general tool to allow me to hook into the command line and dynamically alter the command about to be executed. It should decide the best action among several candidates. Ideally it would also not be FUSE-backed  (readline hacks?) FUSE has the upside of being cross-shell compatible though. I found a great paper the other day called Predicting Unix Command Lines that I think I can build on.

Zulip -> irssi transport:

This idea just came up, I just got access to Zulip, the chat platform here at Hacker School. The streams seem to be IRC channels waiting to happen. Maybe a bitlbee plugin or something?

Working more through the Programming Pearls book in Go:

I’ve finished the first chapter, but there’s some messy code from just generally learning Go and playing with weird ideas. Maybe re-run through that and continue with the second chapter. Maybe organize a group to work through the examples with?

Machine learning:

Machine learning looks neat, and I’ve really enjoyed 99Design’s series on machine learning and want to learn more. I might be able to apply this to the fuse-colors rewrite.

I have a couple other ideas, but writing these down has been helpful for overarching goals in Hacker School.

edit: Here’s more ideas I’ve had:

  • write a Ruby gem for the Glassdoor API to complement the one-off perl script I wrote to aggregate reviews for companies that work with Hacker School
  • Make a Ruby gem for my shortenize perl script, for taking STDIN, replacing URLs with shortened forms, and pumping them back out
  • Actually finish the legendary “explain every line in an strace call” blog post.
  • Think harder about the stack-based shell I wanted to play with.

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