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Hacker School Day 25-27: Golang and Résumés

Time is going by very quickly at Hacker School! I spent more time on Programming Pearls exercises over the past few days. I’m not sure if I want to keep moving forward with them. It’s not as flashy or fun as a big project and there’s less substantial-feeling output. I’ve learned a lot though, so I’m exploring ideas that could help me move forward. One thought would be to animate some of the algorithms as they work.

I did some extra profiling work to see if I could make the routines any faster. I also read some of the disassembled output of the example code. It was surprisingly readable; they splice in the corresponding Go code before the assembly instructions. I still have a tab open to read this document on Go assembly.

I took a detour yesterday by turning a series of images into a PDF using ImageMagick. The images were of a paper. 4 images stitched together vertically formed a page. Stitching the images together was easy:

convert {1..4}.png -append out.png

Creating the PDF seemed like it would be just as easy, since ImageMagick supports PDF. You can create a PDF just as easily, but the images won’t be scaled to fit the full page. This StackOverflow answer for converting images to PDF was extremely helpful.

I worked on updating my résumé yesterday for the jobs dinner tonight. I had a lot of projects to add from my time here at Hacker School, along with some of the stuff I worked on at the end of my career at Linode.

The batch that was here before mine is coming to an end tomorrow. Hacker School has overlapping batches, so we’ll be losing about half of the people in the space. It’s going to be very weird to lose so many interesting and fun people at once. It also forces me think of my own Hacker School mortality. It’s easy to completely immerse yourself. It’s easy to forget that something this unique and amazing will stop.

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