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Hacker School Day 7 – Recursion

Yesterday I paired with Tom Ballinger to work on some problems involving recursion. He helped me work through some basic recursive problems. After that, I went to a discussion in one of the rooms here covering the legal aspect of software. It was a great talk that covered much more than software licenses. I finished up the day by working on solving some additional recursion problems in Go.

At night we went over to Ebay’s office to listen to David Evans give a presentation titled “What Every Hacker Should Know About the Theory of Computation”. He went through the description of a model of a computer that led up describing Turing Machines and the halting problem.

Today I’ve worked more on some recursion problems and sketched out some ideas for the fuse-colors rewrite. I helped describe DNS to another Hacker Schooler too. Then I ate too much lunch, got sleepy, and decided to write this post. I plan on finishing up another recursion problem before either switching to the Go fuse-colors rewrite or maybe creating a website for my youtube into GIF converter, in Go.

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